At Rauscher Leasing, our business philosophy is customer-oriented. We understand that we will achieve goals, only if we commit to the achievement of your goals. We regard our customers as business partners. We prosper only when you prosper. We pay attention to your needs and develop strategies for our mutual success. We assure our customers’ satisfaction by providing the highest quality service, at the most favorable terms, to meet your customer’s individual requirements. We guarantee superior support to earn your business every day.



Leasing Is A Sales Tool



            Increased Sales:  Leasing closes sales! Customers are more likely to make a purchase when it can be paid on a fixed monthly payment rather than having to incur a major capital outlay.  Furthermore, your customer may acquire additional equipment for a small incremental increase in the monthly payment.


            Budget Friendly:  As a lease payment takes much less of an annual budget than a major cash outlay, funds remain in your customer’s budget to acquire more equipment, more often from you.


            Minimize Lost Sales:  You control the sale from start to finish. The sale and financing is arranged at the same time. Customers procrastinate when they have to arrange their own financing. Time delays increase the potential of lost sales and allow your customer to shop for other pricing.


            Service Revenues:  Equipment service contracts can be included in the lease.


            Quantity Discounts:  Quantity discounts on equipment may be available to the vendor as a result of the increased sales created by a successful leasing program.


            Vendors Gain Customer Respect:  The vendor representative gain customer appreciation and respect through leasing. Customers view the vendor as a full service expert and consultant. Your customer will more readily turn to you for help. In addition to providing expert assistance in the selection, installation, and servicing of the equipment, customers appreciate the vendor representative’s ability to arrange convenient, tax advantageous financing for the full cost of the equipment.


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